Menletter is a free monthly (more or less) journal about menís health, spirituality, place in society, and more. It began in 2002 as an e-mail newsletter and migrated to the Web in 2003.

The archive contains over 140 essays and articles, organized into categories.


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Practical Zen is a laymanís journey through the basics of Zen in just enough detail to serve as an invitation to explore further. The book covers most of what Zen is about: why we suffer and what to do about it; our perception of our selves, of time and space, and of reality itself.

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What Is a Man? is a collection of four essays from Menletter, exploring menís gatherings, the heroís journey, and views on just what manhood means.


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Stalking the Wild Gerbil is a collection of essays from the first seven years of Menletter, organized into seven topical sections.


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